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We Lived With Haunted Dolls For A Night And I'm Pretty Sure We're Possessed Now

"I plan on trying to make this doll as haunted as possible."

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Are some movies so wild they can’t be depicted in real life? Well, on “Reel to Real” we try to figure that out! And on our first episode, we decided to recreate Annabelle: Creation coming out August 11th, by living with haunted dolls and here's what happened:

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For this challenge, Garrett and I would buy "haunted dolls" from the sketchy-ass part of the internet, live with them for 24 hours, and if we survived, review our experience by giving it a rotten or fresh review.

And I was going to do any and everything to make sure I avoided this doll.

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FOR THE RECORD, I don't believe in haunted dolls. Like, Chucky and Annabelle are obviously not real. But when it comes to the supernatural, I'm definitely cautious.


While we waited for our dolls to arrive, I started to feel super uneasy. I decided to talk to BuzzFeed Unsolved's, Ryan Bergara for advice.

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The hope was to walk away feeling more positive about the experience. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. He pretty much told me I was dumb for living with a haunted doll.

A few days later, we got our dolls. Ten minutes after opening our packages, Garrett was mysteriously stabbed by a random needle poking out of his dolls leg.


Throughout our work day, Garrett and I had two completely different strategies.