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    Say Goodbye To Your Luggage Anxieties With These Clever, Highly-Packable Clothes

    Because trying to zip your suitcase shouldn’t be an Olympic sport.

    Love vacationing, but hate the Tetris-like mind game that is figuring out exactly what and how to pack?

    Thousand Mile’s All Day Shorts and Pants are made from a unique blend of polyester and spandex and lay claim to the title of the "world’s first packable shorts".

    Light, stretchy, durable and incredibly soft to the touch, the All Day Shorts and Pants are packed full of super-smart practical details, too.

    The patented Omniflex material that these babies are made from means they’re quick-drying, so if you get caught in a storm, or hand wash them in your hotel overnight, you’ll be good to wear them again — fast.

    TLDR; whether you’re wearing them to work, running errands, on a hike or the plane, or chilling on the couch, the All Day Shorts and Pants work like activewear, but don’t look like activewear.

    Crotch already benefiting from these squishable shorts and pants? Check out the rest of Thousand Miles’ packable series, which includes a weather-resistant All Day Jacket, a thermoregulated All Day Vest and an Airlight packable towel.

    You, starting your holiday without the stress of wondering whether your baggage is over the weight limit: