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    Struggle To Get *Those* Scandi Waves? This Aussie Hair Styling Range Is Here To Help

    Lend those fluffy curls and curtain bangs a hand.

    The Scandi blowout is one of the most hyped hairstyles around, but getting those swooshy bangs and bouncy waves and keeping your hair shielded from the heat of your styling tools is harder than it looks.

    The range is designed to work alongside your hot tools for wavier waves, curlier curls, bouncy blowouts and overall better hair hold — preventing your style from dropping out before you’ve left the house.

    What makes the Mermade Styling Range a game-changer? Its unique MeraGuard Complex. That’s science-speak for formulations packed full of amino acids and antioxidants which prime your locks for hair hold and health.

    The range comes in cute, bubblegum packaging but don’t be fooled — the power-packed formulations protect your hair from the stresses of daily life. (Yup, just like us, our hair gets stressed too...).

    So what are reviewers saying about the new styling range? A lot of good things, it turns out.

    The entire range has already almost sold out pre-launch so best not to sleep on this one.