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    Top 8 Reasons To Be Excited For The CW's "Walker"

    His name is Walker now.

    It's been a long dusty road here, but the remake of Walker: Texas Ranger Starring Supernatural's Jared Padalecki will finally be premiering on January 21st 2021, and the brand new teaser has got us all excited to see what The CW's Walker has in store.

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    Here's what the new CW series Walker has in store and why you need to get excited now!

    1. The Amazing Cast

    Freeform/The CW/Fox

    One, thing's for sure, the show's producers have put together a stellar cast for this show. With actors and actresses from series all across television such as Keegan Allen from Prety Little Liars, Jeff Pierre from Once Upon a Time, Mitch Pileggi from The X Files, Lindsey Morgan from The 100, Alex Landi from Greys Anatomy, Odette Annable from Supergirl and last but certainly not least, Jared and Geneveive Padalecki from Supernatural. With such incredible actors and characters, we are in for some great acting, stories and a lot of drama.

    Meet the cast of Walker

    Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker

    Coby Bell as Captain Larry James

    Lindsey Morgan as Micki Ramirez

    Keegan Allen as Liam Walker

    Mitch Pileggi as Bonham Walker

    Molly Hagen as Abeline Walker

    Genevieve Padalecki as Emily Walker

    Violet Brinson as Stella Walker

    Kale Culley as Arlo Walker

    Alex Landi as Bret

    Odette Annable as Geri

    2. Jared Padalecki as Walker the Texas Ranger

    The CW / Via

    In his first role since Supernatural ended, Jared, will not simply star in Walker but executive-produce as well, alongside Anna Fricke, Dan Lin, and Lindsey Liberatore. Padalecki plays Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two with a strong moral code. After being undercover for two years, he returns home to Austin only to discover there's harder work to be done at home. He then attempts to reconnect with his children while dodging run ins with his conservative family.

    You can bet Supernatural fans will be watching Jared take on this brand new role. We've seen Jared act in a variety of roles over the years, and after all the brilliant acting we've seen from him over the past 15 years of Supernatural, there's no doubt that Jared will deliver nothing but an incredible performance in Walker.

    3. A whole new kind of Ranger

    The CW / Via

    Like the original, or a new story all its own? That is the question. The CW confirmed that Walker is not a continuation but a "reimagining" of the original 1993 Walker, Texas Ranger starring Chuck Norris. The 2021 show will be a complete reboot. Aside from simply being brought into the 21st century, the new series will feature an all new version of Cordell Walker, (Norris' character on the show) and a lot more diverse characters. Along with a new story, but at the center of it all, you have a broken widower, finding his way back to his family while investigating crime and who fights for what's right, regardless of the rules, just like the original Walker, Texas Ranger.

    With two decades in between the 2 shows, I certainly hope fans of the original won't be looking to compare but instead will look at The CW's Walker with a fresh set of eyes. Television has changed and come a long way in the past 2 decades. It's gonna be a whole new ride.

    4. Keegan Allen as Liam Walker

    The CW / Via

    This right here is a two in one, not only are we getting some major eye candy with Keegan Allen from Pretty Little Liars returning to TV, but we are getting a great gay character as well! Which means more LGBTQ representation on TV. Keegan will play Liam, Cordell Walker's younger brother, who is described as "gay and conservative", and from the looks of it, the two do not get along. Walker's younger brother is also a assistant district attorney who is described as "smart, slightly smug, but with a strong moral compass." Despite all of this, Liam always puts his family first, and has often sacrificed his personal life for family. Liam is engaged to Bret, who is played by Alex Landi.

    5. Family Drama

    The CW / Via

    Two brothers with very different personalities in a show about family on The CW. See where I'm going with this? Something about that has just always screamed must watch. In this case, we've got one brother who is a widow and a Ranger, and one who is a gay Assistant District Attorney, who is not very happy with how his older brother's been acting. During Walker's absence, it was Liam who took care of his kids. He has a close relationship with them, despite the distance between Walker and himself.

    "He’ll (Cordell) attempt to reconnect with his creative and thoughtful son (Kale Culley, “Me, Myself and I”) and his headstrong, somewhat rebellious teenaged daughter (Violet Brinson, “Sharp Objects”) and navigate clashes with his family - an ADA brother (Keegan Allen) who stepped in during Walker’s absence, his perceptive mother (Molly Hagen) and his traditional rancher father (Mitch Pileggi)" - The CW

    With the success The CW has had with topics of family like this in the past with their shows like One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and of course, Supernatural, the brotherly drama should surely be an interesting addition to the show.

    6. Walker's New Partner, Lindsey Morgan as Micki

    The CW / Via

    Another bonus, and you could say a more modern character addition to the story is Micki. Walker's unique new partner. In this iteration, Walker won't be a lone ranger, he'll be taking on all the bad guys in Austin with a badass female ranger by his side. She is described as "focused and perceptive, her family has been in Texas since before it was Texas. She's been in the Army and on the Police Force and knows first-hand what it's like to be singled out and discriminated against because of her gender." She is one of the first women admitted to the Texas Rangers. Micki is played by CW alum, Lindsey Morgan from The 100, Also known as Raven Reyes.

    "Walker finds unexpected common ground with his new partner (one of the first women in Texas Rangers’ history) played by Lindsey Morgan" - The CW

    7. Walker will take on a mystery

    The CW / Via

    The original Walker, Texas Ranger was a true old timey western TV show, with a different story and adventure in every episode, but although Walker will be dealing with crime and adventure, he will also be neck deep in mystery. Most importantly the mystery of what happened to his wife, it was revealed that we will see Walker "growing increasingly suspicious of his wife's death." this will be the main drive behind Walker in season 1, which leads to some tension with his family. Walker's wife death will be a major plot point in season 1, which is why Geneveive Padalecki will be playing Emily Walker.

    8. Geneveive Padalecki as Emily Walker

    The CW / Via

    Who isn't waiting to see Jared and Geneveive Padalecki acting together again? The last time we saw these two act together was on Supernatural. The show that started a beautiful love story, now the happily married couple will be playing a married couple on Walker. Padalecki's wife Genevieve will play will play Cordell Walker's deceased wife Emily Walker in flashbacks and who knows what else. She is described as "capable, generous, and focused on helping the disenfranchised." Gen will have a recurring role in Season 1, and as her husband starts to grow suspicious of her death we will probably see this mystery at the center of the season.

    Walker premieres on The CW on January 21st

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