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    10 Easter Eggs From The 'Superman & Lois' Pilot Episode

    Did you catch that Smallville reference?

    Along with the start to a great new show, the Superman and Lois pilot brought us lots of awesome easter eggs and references full of nostalgia. Some of which you probably would miss. Luckily for us The CW pointed them all out. Here are the 10 easter eggs from the Superman & Lois season premiere.

    1. Recreating the Action Comics Issue #1 Cover

    The CW

    In this scene we see Superman stop a car crash and then set the vehicle down similarly to the iconic Action Comics cover from 1938, the very first appearance of Superman.

    2. A glimpse of the Max Fleischer suit

    The CW, DC

    Superman's suit at the very beginning comes from the Max Fleischer's 1940s Superman Cartoons. Not to mention Clark says the line "Mt mom made it for me" about his suit, which is a direct quote from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

    3. In sports we have Steve Lombard

    The CW

    Amongst a lot of other things Lois had to say to Clark during their first meeting was the name of the Daily Planet's original sports reporter.

    4. We've got an INJUSTICE fan in the Kent house

    The CW

    When Clark walks into his angsty teenage sons room, we see him playing Injustice 2, fighting against Superman's character.

    5. A nod to the creators

    The CW

    One of the best easter eggs the episode delivered was this. On the Kent's to do list we see the names Donner, Siegel and Shuster a direct reference to Richard Donner the director of Superman (1978) and Superman ll (1980) and Jerry Sigel and Joe Shuster the original creators of Superman.

    6. Martha's hidden message

    The Cw

    Doctor Frye was a medical doctor as well as an expert in the field of radiation,

    7. Somebody saveeeee me.....

    The CW

    In this Smallville reference we see a flag for the Smallville Crows hanging on the wall, the same team clark played for in the show Smallville.

    8. Baby Kal El gets his own reference

    The CW

    Clark lifting the truck here is a reference to how baby Kal El lifted the truck in Richard Donner's Superman in 1978.

    9. The birthplace of Firestorm

    The CW

    The first incarnation of Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein fused was born at the Hudson nuclear power plant.


    The Cw

    The mines depicted here are named after Superman co creator Joe Shuster.

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