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8 Tips If You Are Travelling With Your Kids

It’s hard to travel with kids. I promise you I do it all the time that’s why I have become the professional traveler with children. I have got some super easy amazing tips that will change your life while traveling with kids.

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Tips 1# Schedule around nap time

Try to schedule your flights. You are not schedules or anything your baby is used to because at the end of the day routine is everything for children. There are nap times, what they are eating, when they are eating. I think it’s the same for traveling. I know my baby naps couple of time during the day. So I really try to go early morning or mid afternoon so I can get at least an hour 45 minutes on the plain where I know she is going to conk out. I know it’s just a little time but every second count.

Tips 2 Be prepared

Be prepared. I am over prepared and I think that’s the best way to go because you are not going to know what can happen in any situation. Always bring snacks, food and formula. You need to be prepared for whatever happens for 24 hour period because there are delays. Some things are completely out of your control. It is your job as the mom, as the caretaker to really be prepared.

Tip 3 A good bag

I love a good bag. You can also take a good backpack so you can have two hands instead of one. Choose a bag that is durable and easy to get into.

Tips 4 Disposal changing pads

You may think I am funny but I have pee pee pad. This is a great little tip. I use this when I am changing the baby. When I lays my child on it I know it’s clean even if nothing happened. I can reuse but if something did happen and she had a little bit an accident no problem! I just throw it away because the only problem is there are only so many blankets and swaddles and there’s only so much you can carry. This is a great little disposable pad that you can just get rid of.

Tips 5 Baby blanket

Next is a blanket. I don’t care where you are. What you need a blanket. I use it in case it’s cold. I use it with my baby. I always pack one because I can always rely well. The airline have a blanket will be super hot or super cold and as much as I always try to have each of in a little bit of jacket I always bring one blanket.

Tips 6 Keeping the kids busy

My next tips are an honest thing to do but it may sound crazy. Kids get bored and there’s when you use the ipad. You pull out the ipad you put the little kitty cat ears when we call them kitty cat ears little headphones on and you let them go to town. Make sure you download and charge it before you get on the plane. My child is only 4 and honestly a good traveler. She loves his ipad, we do game on it, we watch the movie on it, we watch TV show and guess what mom does not feel guilty. You can also do a ton of things. You can get stickers, coloring things. Your child can play with cars. Stuff like this can last for an hour. When she was little I used to individually wrap little hot wheels cars and like every thirty minutes, I am like okay do I want to get into the nag and unwrap a little present and I have to tell you a little goes a long way. I literally had 10 little cars on a six hours flight and for some reason just opening the little present, it works!! Always pack fun thing. I know it sounds really simple but pipe cleaners. We do shapes we work on our colors we wrap it around our fingers and literally like every five minutes I will pull out a new pipe cleaner. I will make her bracelet. It may sound too good to be true but colored pipe cleaner really work!!

Tips 7 Managing ear pain

My next tip is ear pain. A lot of people don’t realize that takeoff and landing can be quite difficult with your children, toddlers, and babies on a plane where their ears get clogged and the pain really makes them cry. So if you have a pacifier, if you have something that they can use. Be conscious about takeoff and landing because the ear pain can be really painful.

Tips 8 Snack, snacks and more snacks

Last tip with traveling with your children or your toddlers or your baby’s probably one of the most important snacks, snacks, and more snacks. There’s never anything on an airplane much for an adult can you imagine for children? So I have really fun snacks. I sometimes will pull out an organic lollipop. They never get a lollipop on a plane. You can use little travel snack carrier. It takes no space in your bag. It’s important because you have to carry so many different things.

Travelling is always stressful and I think sometimes we make it more stressful makes the kids more stress. So try to relax, try to know that you are going on an adventure. Not everything is going to go your way. Have an awesome attitude because I think that’s really where it starts.

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