12 Iconic Death Scenes From Movies

Death scenes are crucial parts of movies, and some would argue they’re even more important than endings. Check out some of the most masterful death scenes in cinema history, and pick up your copy of “Seven Psychopaths” on Blu-ray™ & DVD on January 29th for even more gruesome action.

1. The Ripped To Shreds By A Shark Scene In “Deep Blue Sea”

Part of what makes this scene so great (aside from Samuel L. Jackson), is that the character, Russell Franklin, is ingested by the sea creature (with Alzheimers!) in the middle of a speech about how everyone’s going to make it out of the research facility alive.

2. The Decapitation In “The Omen”

“Yes, the decapitation scene should be filmed from several angles!” - Someone smart.

3. The Head Explosion In “Scanners”

The people in that auditorium aren’t NEARLY as shocked as they should have been. It’s like they’ve already seen 3 head explodes that day.

4. The Woodchipper Scene In “Fargo”

Just a guy, almost using his wood chipper correctly.

5. The Car Shooting Scene In “The Godfather”

It’s just endless.

6. The Baseball Bat Scene In “The Untouchables”

Isn’t this, like, the creepiest game of “Duck, Duck, Goose” you’ve ever seen?

7. The Last Scene In “Wicker Man”

Here, there’s just nuthin’ to do but watch a guy with nuthin’ to do.

8. The “Slice And Dice” Scene In “Resident Evil”

It’s probably best he didn’t know how close he was to making it.

9. The Mexican Shootout In “Reservoir Dogs”

It’s funny to think how there was an entire movie outside of this scene.

10. The Dinner Scene In “Hannibal”

Unless you’re Clarice Starling, you’re probably not going to leave Hannibal’s dinner party with all your bits intact.

11. The Death Of Bambi’s Mother In “Bambi”

It’s totally cool if you want to skip this one. It’s a toughie.

12. Bill’s Death Scene In “Kill Bill Volume 2”

Unlike pretty much every other scene in the “Kill Bill” movies, this one stands out for its lack of gore — only adds to its overall significance.

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