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What It's Really Like To Start A Business

Working for yourself has its perks, but running a company isn't exactly a "cake walk" either.

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A lot of us dream about working for ourselves.

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The freedom that comes with self employment sounds pretty amazing. Doesn't it?

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And there's nothing quite as satisfying as doing work you love.

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But before you fire your boss and all your co-workers...

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...there's something you need to know.

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Running a company comes with A LOT of baggage.

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A new business venture is a HUGE financial and emotional "Leap of Faith"...

...with no guarantees of success.

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In order to get to this:

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You'll have to endure a lot of this:

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And that's not all...

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A lot of small businesses get off to a rocky start.


Most business owners have to work longer hours than anyone else.

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And it's not easy to find good employees who are qualified to do the job.

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And it's not uncommon to come across people who will lie, cheat and steal from you.


Give it enough time, and the government will eventually pass laws and regulations that make it WAY harder to do business.

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If you ever get audited by the IRS, it feels a bit like this...

...then your CPA and Attorney will send you the bill for their services.

When your investors ask when you're going to turn a profit, you'd better have a good answer for them.

...and while you're balancing all these things, don't forget to maintain a good, healthy relationship with your friends and family.


Self-employment is pretty great though (really, it is).

There's nothing quite like closing the deal of a lifetime.

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And the freedom that comes with the package is unlike anything you'll find in the corporate world.

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In the end, remember that everything worth having comes at a cost.

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And when you finally find success, you'll have the respect and admiration of your peers.

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Don't give up. It's worth it! Keep pressing forward and you'll find what you're working toward!

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