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    17 Songs Recommendations From January That You're Guaranteed To Have On Repeat

    "It's a song for all the alt kids who turned into introverted adults."

    Hey everyone!! Me and the BuzzFeed UK team are back with some fresh song recs for you, which you will hopefully all be adding to your playlists.

    1. Bizarrap and Shakira – "Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53"

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    "I picked this song cuz we always support a queen!" 

    – Lida Ghanadian

    2. NewJeans (뉴진스) – "OMG"

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    "Just like a lot of the world right now, I am obsessed with NewJeans... The way 'OMG' has a chokehold on me right now! I can't get the chorus out of my head. I'll be doing such a mundane task, and I'll start singing it and doing the dance. NewJeans are so talented, and I'm very excited to see their continued growth. If you're reading this, please come the UK – I will be there dancing and singing along!"

    – sepidehzolfaghari

    3. SZA – "Ghost in the Machine ft. Phoebe Bridgers"

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    "The whole album is iconic, but this song is so addictive. It's been on repeat for me since the release date. There's something about the lyrics and their voices together on this track that scratches my brain perfectly."

    – elizabeth_cotton

    4. Miley Cyrus – "Flowers"

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    "I chose this because firstly, it's catchy, and secondly, I loved doing the research into the shade she was throwing at Liam Hemsworth! I went down a bit of a rabbit-hole..."

     – Emma Greenwood

    5. Chlöe – "Pray It Away"

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    "I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately as it has an old school R&B vibe that I can't get enough of!"

    – Emma Wills

    6. Coi Leray – "Players"

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    "The reason I like this so much is because it's a brand new take on the iconic beat from Grand Master Flash, and anything that hints towards that era of Hip Hop always catches my attention. Not only that, Coi Leray has delivered a catchy hook that I find myself saying throughout the day. Also, like most people on social media, I hear this song nearly everyday!"

    – godfreymercado 

    7. TAEYANG – "VIBE" (feat. Jimin of BTS)

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    "I'm not going to lie, I've been waiting for a Jimin solo for so long, and when I heard about this collab with Taeyang, I freaked out! I had 'VIBE' on loop for hours the day it came out. I absolutely love everything about it, from the track to the lyrics to the choreo and the MV! I might be a little biased, but it's easily my new favourite song. As they say, once you Jimin, you can't Jimout ;)." 

    – Lucia Fioravanti

    8. Paramore – "This Is Why"

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    "I've been anticipating Paramore's new album for a while, and this song is PEAK Paramore vibes. It's a song for all the alt kids who turned into introverted adults."

    – Carinne Julien

    9. MONSTA X – "춤사위 (Crescendo)"

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    "I HAD to mention MONSTA X this month! This song goes H-A-R-D. Their voices in the post-chorus get me going for real, especially when Joohoney raps... Oof! Their latest EP, Reason, is not to be missed."

    – sepidehzolfaghari

    10. The 1975 – "The 1975"

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    "A totally cinematic song! It made me remember why I loved The 1975."

     Kacie Chow

    11. PVRIS – "GODDESS"

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    "PVRIS are ~such~ a slept-on band!! They're kind of like Paramore meets Björk. This latest song, 'Goddess', is super gritty and punchy and a total earworm. If you need to get somewhere fast, stick on this baby and strut your way there!!"

    – sam_cleal 

    12. Billie Eilish – "I Didn’t Change My Number"

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    "This has been on repeat throughout the month of January for me. I love her vocals on this song, as well as the general sound of the album. The bridge is the song I play the most, as the production sounds out of this world."

    – Habiba Katsha

    13. Bobby Bvndz – "Jigi Jigi"

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    "I came across this song on Instagram and I was hooked with the intro. It's a song that nudged me out of feeling shivery this winter, and gives me summer vibes already. I've seen a lot of people share it on social, and think it'll be a popular TikTok sound soon. Can't get enough Bobby Bvndz!"

    – Tobi Akingbade

    14. Ku One Chan (구원찬) – "Glass"

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    "Ku One Chan released a full EP titled Object not too long ago, and when 'Glass' was released as a single, I melted. This song is stunning and I recommend everyone to listen to the whole EP from start to end, as it flows beautifully. My favourites are 'Glass', 'Translator', and 'Scarecrow (Feat. WONSTEIN)'". 

    – sepidehzolfaghari

    15. Bonobo & Jacques Greene – "Fold"

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    "Bonobo is always reliable, and the dreamy vocals on this track work perfectly for all your ambient needs. From a late night train ride to getting some work done, 'Fold' is a wonderful addition to any music library."

    – bendzialdowski

    16. Ari Lennox (feat. Lucky Daye) – "Boy Bye"

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    "I am a huge Ari Lennox & Lucky Daye fan, so when I saw these two names together I freaked OUT. Their voices just mesh together so beautifully – they really compliment each other so well, I get chills down my spine! Also, this lyric video is giving me such nostalgia, I love it!"

    – sepidehzolfaghari

    17. ATEEZ (에이티즈) – "HALAZIA"

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    "We have a fair few ATINY in the office, and yes we are two of them. As soon as HALAZIA dropped, our jaws also dropped. Their comebacks never disappoint, and we're so HYPED to see them this month at the O2! We cannot stop singing Hala-Hala-Hala-Hala-Halazia, and yes we will be singing it with our chests at the concert."

    – Lucia Fioravanti & sepidehzolfaghari

    As usual, here's a playlist of all the songs we listened to last month. Let me know who you think everyone should be listening to in the comments below. Is there anyone I should have my eye on that we haven't featured yet? Hit me up on Instagram @hellosepi – I'm always eager to hear what you're listening to!

    See you at the end of the month for our recommendations from February!!!