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    We Recently Got The Chance To Film With Jay B From GOT7, And It Was Super Juicy

    Yes, he IS just as kind and beautiful IRL as you'd think.

    Calling all Ahgases! Recently, we were fortunate enough to catch K-Pop Idol Jay B on his visit to London where he put on an amazing show at the O2.

    That's right, Jay B stopped by the BuzzFeed UK office to film something rather exciting with us AND some lucky fans!

    I know you know Jay B from GOT7, but lately he's been on a solo tour which hits Bangkok soon before a final stop in Seoul. PLUS, he's been working on his latest solo album – Seasonal Hiatus – which drops soon!

    Basically, now is the perfect time to get this man in our studio! And, of course, we HAD to tease Jay B's fans on Twitter with some cheeky behind-the-scenes photos...

    @BuzzFeedUK @jaybnow_hr Oh cant wait for the content 😂😂😂

    Twitter: @Pooky_WB

    BTW (see what I did there) we saw all of your replies 👀.

    So, for those eager to know what we did with Jay B, the wait is over! It's time to share a lil' trailer for what we got up to... cue drumroll please!

    Are you excited to see Jay B take on his fans? How do you think he'll do? Let us know in the comments below!

    Jay B is looking directly at the camera with text saying JAY B across him Next to him is the text VS in red with a lightning bolt through it next to an image of a GOT7 fan looking shocked and excited to have seen it's him saying FANS