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TOP 10 Spring 'Staycation' Ideas That Won't Break The Bank !

Teacher: "OK, guys! Don't forget you have assignments due when we are back on Monday." Me: (Packing my stuff). Classmate: "where are you going this spring break?" Me: " Nowhere, I think I am going to stay home". Classmate: "Aw.. well enjoy your break! I am going to party in Miami". Me: "Good for you, enjoy!" Can I tell you something? I know we all think about spring break like the time to break all the rules. I have been doing the same over the past years. However, I still think that the more we grow up, the more we aspire to something different. I decide for this spring break to make a change and stay home. Honestly, I had a blast too. Here are some quick ideas of what you can do to feel good about yourself, truly relax before you head back to college. Here we go!

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10. Rest! Monday, college starts again !

When I said Rest, I mean rest. No phone, no laptop! Technology free! It is really important to have a moment with yourself and reconnect. DO some meditation, listen to some good music and pray! We back to reality on Monday, so enjoy the last moments!

9. Find yourself a new passion: Redecorate your room, Spring Style!

Cozy Spring decor / Via Pinterest

Hello winter, I am breaking up with you. Spring is here, which means you are born anew. What are you waiting for to buy yourself some flowers or new scented candles? They all contribute in due time to boost your energy. Have you picked up on new interests lately ? I am sure that you would absolutely love iSpyDIY. They have an awesome website offering some DIY tutorials for room decor and more. And if you are not too handy, you can also purchase finished projects! Check them out! You will thank me later.

8. Date yourself !

You heard it right! Take a Look in the mirror, when was the last time you pampered yourself ? College may be time consuming but Spring break happens once! Make it worthwhile! Wanna try a new hair color ? Go for it. Your Nail polish cracked ? Do some "French manicure". Always wanted to get a good make up look, a lot of YouTuber are there for you! (Sondjra deluxe, maybe?) Personally, I'll go for a spa day, it's very much needed.

How about working out and doing some Yoga? I can spend hours giving you ideas about how to feel like a brand new person. But, you should want this change yourself and stop being LAZY!

7. Reward yourself: SHOPPING Time!

Stephanie_Danielle / Via Instagram

Okay, I like your new haircut, your nail polish but your look ... ! Let's not talk about it, shall we? It's spring, and you've been working hard during the first half semester. It is time for you to bring some light in your wardrobe!

Clutter your dressing, donate your old clothes to the Good Will foundation, and hit the mall! Buy yourself new outfits every spring-breaker will miss this season. Since you didn't travel, you probably can go a little bit over your budget, that's okay ! I personally fell in love with a new blogger recently: Stephanie_Danielle. She is so cute and her outfits are always the bomb! If you need some tips to rock this spring and summer, do not hesitate to follow her. You will absolutely love her!

6. Try some new recipes

During college, we do not always have time to cook ourselves a good meal. But now it's the break! Use it, get some pounds! Lose some if you need too. If you are a foodlover just like me, I am sure that you pinned over 100 pictures on Pinterest or have 20 screenshots of food recipes from FoodNetwork in your phone ( Sorry but the food is always yummy, i can't help it!). It shouldn't be hard to become my own chef!

5. Catch up with your old TV-shows

Warm tea, cozy bed, ice cream,... Anything missing? Yes, " How to Get Away with Murder, Suits, Quantico, Power, Billions", You name it. Have you been watching this new Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle TV show? House of Lies. Oh, and Scandal? '-- Can we talk about it? Comment, comment below! This TV show is the bomb. Let's take a moment ... and thanks Shonda Rhymes and her amazing talent!

4. Enjoy outside!


Sometimes, all we need to do is to simply enjoy God's creation and Mother Nature. Nature lovers like me know what I am talking about.

This is time for you to rediscover your neighborhood and see where your taxes have gone to. Find a state park near you, Go running, Ride a bike, Go picnic! Time won't wait for you, and you might regret it later. Get some color and fresh nature scents, Life is beautiful!

3. Missing old friends & family? Take a short trip

I understand that everybody is busy with his own life. However, I still think that family and friends are everything. If you have time, go visit them. You might actually enjoy and realize how great were old times.

2. Road trip for a day!

rare_peaarl / Via instagram

Nobody said you have to spend a lot of money to live the good life. Find a beach near you and take a road trip with your friends for a day! It's very exciting! Plus you can save on the gas and you can allow yourself a luxury hotel ( you split the bill! ) uh uh! You never thought about it right? Let me give you an amazing view that I had at Panama City Beach. Sheraton Bay Resort Hotels are always a good idea, trust me! Plus you have free breakfast! WELCOME TO THE GOOD LIFE !

1. Be smart: STUDY!

Yes, I'm sorry to disappoint you and I know what you're thinking! "How dare you ?" But think about it for a minute. How do you feel when you come back to college from spring break ? In one word: LAZY! All you think about is your last Bahamas cocktail or how tan you've got. You are still in the reanimation room. It is not easy to think about all the homework, exams that are waiting for you. So why don't you do the most before you actually take a trip with your friends ?

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