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10 Stages Of Falling In Love With A New Product

Finding your new favorite beauty product is kind of like falling in love. Reminisce about where it all began... in the aisles of Sephora.

1. The Hunting Stage

You know there is something missing in your life... so you head out to find it.

2. The Attraction Stage


A pretty bottle catches your eye, and as you read the label, you realize it has all the benefits you're looking for.

3. The Wisdom-Seeking Stage


You don't want to make a rush decision, so you find a store expert to ask their opinion and advice.

4. The Test-Run Stage


Then you realize there are FREE samples. So you take as many as seems socially acceptable.

5. The Realization Stage


"Oh my goodness. This is amazing." The stage when you realize that it actually is everything you wanted.

6. The Commitment Stage


You're committing, which can be scary, but you trust your gut and the experts, take a deep breath, and make the purchase.

7. The Inseparable Stage


You couldn't fathom leaving the house without it on.

8. The Super-Excited, Can't-Stop-Talking-About-It Stage


You love this product, and you can't stop telling all of your friends about it.

9. The Can't-Imagine-a-World-Without-It Stage


You actually get upset when you forget it at home or think about unexpectedly running out of it.

10. The Refuse-to-Lose-It Stage


You hit every store to stock up and ensure that you never have to live without it.

Looking to fall in love? Visit Sephora where expertise and new technologies make it easy to find your beauty product soulmate.