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13 Makeup Tips You Should Steal From Drag Queens

Drag queens are queens for a reason — they know their stuff. Here's a list of things you could and should learn from them.

1. Live for those lashes.


Don’t fear the falsies! They add drama and feminize your face. Tip: let the glue set for 15 seconds before placing the lashes, and then seal with a liquid liner.

2. Perfect your SHADE.

The perfect concealer can mask anything. Use one that has the tint you need; orange to mask bluish circles, yellow for purplish, and green for redness!

3. Glitter’s a go.

Aurora CuaCua (CC BY http://2.0) /
Peter Kim / Getty Images

Not gung-ho on glitter? A shimmer powder can add sparkle without looking like a disco ball. It can set lipstick, help blend contouring, and provide extra highlighting.

4. Plump that pout.

Brightonikon / Getty Images
CREATISTA / Getty Images

Give the illusion of a plumper pout by applying lighter lipstick onto the center of your lips and blending out. Seal with your favorite lip gloss.

5. Kitten’s got claws.

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Instantly glam up your hands with a stunning manicure. So many ways to decorate those tips.

6. The bigger the better gurl.

Chris Polk / Getty Images

The bigger the hair, the smaller the rest of you looks. Plus, big hair is the light switch to sassiness, so put that puppy on high beam.

7. Make your eyes read gorgeous.

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Gianni Diliberto / Getty Images

Lining your eyes in white along the waterline or dabbing shimmer in the corners can instantly make you look more awake and your eyes appear bigger.

8. Moisturize that thirsty skin.

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Keep your canvas smooth and healthy. You never want to apply makeup to a dry face. Get in the habit of moisturizing your face (and body!) after every wash.

9. Enhance with contouring.

LWA/Larry Williams / Getty Images

Contouring is a makeup illusion drag queens have mastered. Accentuate features like your jaw and cheekbones to create the definition you want — no surgery required!

10. It’s all about the highlighting.

Blue Magic Photography / Getty Images
Drazen_ / Getty Images

A lighter shade of concealer or shimmer powder on the brow bone and cheekbones gives your natural bone structure an extra oomph to command necessary attention.

11. Blend, baby, blend!

CREATISTA / Getty Images

The only real “don’t” is forgetting to blend! Your look can quickly become a hot mess if not blended properly. So invest in the right tools, and perfect your technique.

12. Maintain that flawlessness all night.

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After you’ve said “yaaass” to your finished work, set your makeup with translucent setting powder or spray — this mattifies the look and keeps oil in check.

13. Be Fierce, and HAVE FUN!

Agung Parameswara / Getty Images

Don’t look at makeup as a means of hiding flaws — it’s meant to play up your best feature... that fierce, fierce, fierce confidence.

Drag queens werk, stomp, and strut, commanding the attention of any room. Take a cue from them, and show the world some attitude. For everything you need and more, visit your fellow makeup junkies at Sephora.