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10 Tips For Celebrating The Day Of Ha This Year

Don't embarrass yourself on February 21. Celebrate your Day of Ha the right way: by binge-watching great comedy all day long on Seeso!

February 21 is the Day of Ha, a holiday that encourages sitting on the couch, eating junk food, and binge-watching your favorite comedy TV shows ALL DAY LONG.

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If you're unfamiliar with the Day of Ha, don't worry — celebrating is simple and fun!

Follow these simple rules to ensure that your Day of Ha is absolutely flawless:

1. You must be 100% comfortable at all times.

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Bust out your sweatpants and your pink bunny slippers, because if you're not completely comfortable, you're doing it wrong!

2. Exercising on the Day of Ha is strictly prohibited.

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The only acceptable physical activity is dancing for joy when the next episode starts.

3. You're not allowed to move from the couch all day, except to go to the bathroom.

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Please don't go to the bathroom on (or inside) your couch.

4. Laundry, dishes, and other household chores will NOT be tolerated.

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On the Day of Ha, the only thing that matters is relaxing and laughing your @$$ off. In other words: If it's not on fire, it can wait until tomorrow!

5. You can only consume food that comes in a bag or a carryout container.

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If it can be delivered directly to your couch, that's even better.

6. Comedy is the only acceptable form of entertainment on Day of Ha.

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It's called "Day of Ha," not "Day of Getting Wrapped up in the Intrigue of a Drama Show." Save that for another day.

7. You must keep the Spirit Potato on the couch at all times.


The Spirit Potato embodies the essence of the Day of Ha by just sitting there and doing nothing. It's literally just a potato. On the couch. Be like the potato.

8. You can decorate your Spirit Potato so it seems less weird.

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There! That's better.

9. You are highly encouraged to binge-watch TV shows that you've never seen before.

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When you start feeling bored, switch it up and watch an episode of something you've never seen before. You might just find your new favorite show!

10. You must laugh heartily.

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You stream your favorite programs and you laugh until you faint — that's what it's all about! *clap* *clap*

Celebrate the Day of Ha on February 21 by binge-watching great comedy all day long on Seeso!

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