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Secret’s Newest Ad Featuring LGBTQ+ Icon Abby Wambach Will Remind You To Never Sweat Your Identity

You shouldn’t have to sweat who you are. That's why Secret Deodorant is helping raise over $4 million for LGBTQ+ organizations.

Let's talk about this new Secret Deodorant commercial featuring soccor star and LGBTQ+ Icon Abby Wambach.

The video starts out with Abby expressing that, while she's proud of who she is, there's been some sweat along the way.

She calls out all of the pressures and exceptions that society puts on women — like the flawed idea that women should be feminine and nurturing rather than fierce and competitive...

...and how "they" say that women should fit in and not stand out.

Abby and Secret believe that no matter who you are, who you love, what you look like, and how you identify, you shouldn't have to sweat your identity.

Check out the full video featuring Abby now!

Secret believes you shouldn’t have to sweat your identity. That's why they're helping to raise over $4 million for LGBTQ+ organizations.

Learn more and donate yourself at Can't Cancel Pride