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17 Signs You're Killing It Every Day

You are on top of your game. Whether at work or at play, Secret Clinical Strength deodorant is helping you nail it every time!

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1. You tackle the day like a fierce warrior goddess.

2. You go running with an attitude that can only be described as "unapologetic."

3. You have a stable relationship with carbs.

4. You get your housework done with maximum efficiency.

5. You never have to wait for a taxi. Like ever.

6. You haven't had a bad hair day in weeks.

7. The first pair of jeans you try on at the store fits perfectly.

8. You set new fashion trends in your office on a regular basis.

9. At work, you juggle projects like a boss. (A boss who's killing it...)

10. Sometimes you think you've forgotten something. Then you remember that's not possible.

11. And if anything gets in your way, you're like:

12. Your water cooler talk is right on the money.

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13. You finish a work presentation with:

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14. You never miss a chance to network.

15. At office parties, you hold your liquor with the best of them.

16. You end a date with the perfect quip. (Then walk away without looking back.)

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17. And you go home for a well-deserved rest. Because. You. Just. Killed. It.

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