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12 Clothing Problems That Every Woman Has To Deal With

It's a conspiracy is what it is! Sometimes it feels like your clothes are out to get you, but with Secret Clinical Strength, you can stay cool and composed to beat them at their own game.

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1. That bra strap keeps peeking out no matter how much you fix it.


It sounds cute, but it's actually a form of torture!

2. When your skirt blows up around your waist and there's nothing glamorous about it.

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Nobody plays it off cool. Nobody.

3. Evil shoes and their satanic blisters.


There's no logic to them, either. You'll put on a pair of shoes you've owned for years and then — BAM! — suddenly you now have blisters.

4. That polyester dress that just has you sweating from the get-go.

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In fact, you're sweating right now just thinking about polyester.

5. When you realize that your shirt is see-through... usually at the end of a very important day.


And not sexy-coy-see-through, either. We're talking TSA-scanner levels of transparency!

6. Pantyhose ripping at every juncture.


We sent man to the moon, but we can't improve on pantyhose?! Suspicious.

7. The battle you've dubbed "Boobs vs. Buttons."


Spoiler alert: Buttons always win.

8. Jeans that make your stomach stick out in a way that can only be described as a "squish."


Until you sit down and pull them up to your chest. Problem solved!

9. Your skirt constantly rotating around your waist.


When it's completely backwards, you end up looking like you have a "front bum." (Yeah, it's a thing.)

10. The tenacious and ever-popular wedgie.


Fashion is the worst.

11. That pucker of fabric at your waist when you wear jeans that actually fit your hips properly.

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It's some weird remnant of "mom jeans" that hasn't been resolved yet.

12. When your blazer is a bit snug, and your arms just can't... quite... reach!

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Until you hear that inevitable rip and wonder what kind of sadist invented blazers anyway.