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16 Awkward Moments We've All Had At Work

Yup, you just did that. And there's no coming back from it. It might have you stressing, but fortunately Secret Clinical Strength keeps you from sweating it!

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1. Wishing the wrong person a happy birthday at the office party.

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Bonus points if you realize your mistake mid-song and try to change the name without anyone noticing.

2. Hitting reply all.

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Just... yeah.

3. Gossiping about someone when you think you've muted the call.


You haven't. You really haven't.

4. Getting in a huff about something, then realizing you'd misunderstood.


Silver lining: You can put "backtracking" as a special skill on your resume.

5. Getting locked in a conference room.

It happens to the best of us!
Via Buzzfeed

It happens to the best of us!

6. Ruining someone's birthday by eating the "free" cake you found in the kitchen.


You beautiful fool, don't you realize nothing in this world is free?!

7. When you receive a racy text during a meeting.


It's the perfect storm of emotions.

8. When the problem resolves itself right before I.T. comes to take a look.


And you get an exasperated eye roll that cuts you to the core.

9. Getting caught eavesdropping.


Just own up to it. There's no coming back from that.

10. You're in the elevator with your CEO and you just... choke.

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Maybe you should have prepared something beforehand.

11. When a co-worker asks you out, and you make a mess of it instead of handling it like an adult.

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"Do you hear that? Sounds like a cat is stuck behind a fax machine. I should really check that out OK byeeeee."

12. Getting to the kitchen and having nowhere to sit.


It's high school all over again. With more blazers.

13. Accidentally grazing someone's boob (or worse)!

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Sometimes it's even more awkward to be the "grazee."

14. Tripping in the heels you bought to look more professional.


Was it really worth being three inches taller? Was it?!

15. When you try to show off in front of your work crush at the company picnic.


Also, wearing your old college volleyball shirt was definitely overkill!

16. When someone catches you dancing in your office chair.


Like really dancing.