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Why A Theater Performer Would Make The Perfect Boyfriend

I recently saw The Lion King on Broadway and after wiping away the tears, it made me wonder about the dating life of a broadway actor. These are the reasons, I think, a theater performer would make the perfect boyfriend.

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1. Every Actor has a 6-Pack or More / Via

Every single actor is in amazing physical shape, which makes them easy to look at as your eyes melt away. Having a 6-pack is also a good sign that they are great in bed with their long lasting physical endurance.

2. Great Dancer


If you're dating a guy whose on Broadway, you better be okay with him being a better dancer than you, like much better than you. But on the plus side you'll never be embarrassed by his dancing at a party, wedding or any public event.

3. Great Listener


Broadway actors must memorize entire plays sometimes and then recite them perfectly, therefore listening to you as you vent is a skill they already mastered. So when you ask them, "Are you even listening to me?" Don't be surprised if he recites everything you said word for word for the past hour.

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