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What Questions Have You Always Wanted To Ask Men, But Haven’t Had The Chance To?

Because Google doesn’t always have the answers.

Everyone has their own unique perspectives, but there are some situations where insight from someone else is what you need.

Have you, like us, ever found yourself with a question for men that you've have been too embarrassed to ask?

Well, we’re teaming up with In My Opinion Podcast to ask them all the things we’ve been wondering about.

So, people – what’s something you’ve always wanted to know about men, but have never had the chance to ask?

Do you want to know if accidental boners are as frequent and problematic as the movies make out?

Perhaps you want to know the thought process behind catcalling.

Maybe you’ve always wondered why they seem to take so long to poop?

Whatever it is you want to know, let us know (anonymously) in this form or the comments below, and we might ask your question in the next episode of Seasoned Sessions!