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15 Things You Should Do That, Honestly, You're Not Going To Do

Sure, stuff is important or whatever, but who knows how to do even half of these things? Short answer: Sears team does.

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5. Go to bed at a reasonable hour.


WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: Improves energy levels, information retention, and performance at work. It's also very good for long-term health.

WHY YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DO IT: Because internet.

6. Replace the water filter.


WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: Clean water. 'Nuff said.

WHY YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DO IT: Well, first you have to go to the store and get a new filter, and that's all the way over there. There's just a lot going on, you know?

8. Remove gunk from the gutter.


WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: Clogged gutters can cause basement water damage and are also a hotbed for mosquito breeding.

WHY YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DO IT: Because it's such a stereotype for being productive.

11. Clean the inside of your washer.


WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: Uncleaned washing machines can be unsanitary and give your clothes unwanted smells.

WHY YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DO IT: Because that seems hard. It's probably not, but it seems hard.

When it comes to getting things done, don’t go it alone — let the Sears team of experts deal with it so you can go live your life.

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