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11 Cali-Baja Creations To Taco 'Bout

San Diego is home to plenty of treasures: gorgeous beaches, a booming craft beer scene, and trendy nightlife. But none are quite as tasty as Cali-Baja cuisine! Check out these unique flavors from some of San Diego's hottest restaurants.

1. Albacore Two Ways

2. Street Corn

3. Tacos de Camarón

4. Grilled Octopus Tostada

5. Grilled SD Avocado Taco

6. Ceviche Karina's

7. Tacos, Tacos, Tacos, oh, and...Tacos

8. Coyota

9. Squid and Pea Salad

10. Shrimp Molcajete

11. Cazuelita de Cachete de Res

Are you hungry yet? There's plenty more where that came from! Visit to plan your next getaway!

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