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  • Obama Secrets

    The Birther Movement taken to its logical conclusion.

  • Hipster Jesus Appears in Chicago

    A Christ-like image has appeared in the Chicago neighborhood of Bucktown. For the last month or so small crowds have been gathering to pay homage to the brick-wall apparition that many believe to be a miracle. Long suspected as such, Jesus is now a confirmed hipster. The neighborhood of Bucktown is hotbed of hipster activity, thanks to its many fixed-gear bicycle shops, available thrift store shopping and PBR serving establishments. Jesus has always exhibited many hipster traits/tendencies: unkempt facial hair, unseasonable sandal wearing, a bohemian-emaciated look, having lots of opinions. But now with His likeness suddenly materializing on the eastern facing brick wall of 1801 North Wabansia (at the SW corner of the Wood/Wabansia intersection) we finally have our confirmation.

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