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10 Things You Learn When You Share A Bathroom With Your S.O.

"That is definitely your mess." Fortunately, Scrubbing Bubbles cleans and disinfects.

1. First things first: It unrolls over, not under.

2. You gotta mark your territory — but, like, in a civilized way.

3. A steamy romance is good. A steamy bathroom is not. Use the fan.

4. If you both wake up at the same time, you’re gonna need a system.

5. The couple that stays together...squeezes from the bottom.

6. Cleaning is like curling: You're always sweeping up after your partner. 😉

7. A close relationship requires closed shower curtains and toilet lids.

8. Not rinsing your shavings and toothpaste out of the sink is a crime of dispassion.

9. Replacing the toilet paper doesn’t seem complicated, but somehow it is.

10. Finally, true love means NOT using all of the hot water. (But it's OK. You still love them if they do.)

Scrubbing Bubbles knows what goes on behind closed bathroom doors. Do you? 🛁✨