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11 Embarrassing Adulting Milestones Nobody Talks About

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1. When you finally learn you can’t go out on weeknights...

2. When you're forced to make a weird pantry dinner because you forgot to go grocery shopping.

3. When you experience a backache for the first time.

4. When it dawns on you that everything your parents had in their house was something they purchased.

5. When falling asleep at 10:30 p.m. becomes a normal thing.

6. When someone refers to your favorite song as a "throwback" or "classic."

7. When you have to look up a tutorial for something simple like changing a light bulb.

8. When you start to feel like you've got a handle on money stuff and then someone mentions "financial instruments."

9. When you’re super proud of yourself for assembling a shelf but it falls apart a week later.

10. When you get genuinely excited about something your 16-year-old self found unbearably boring.

11. When you learn to clean the bathroom before it gets gross.

Illustrations by Lyla Ribot / © BuzzFeed 2018

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