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    Posted on Oct 26, 2017

    A British Astronaut Was Asked On Live TV If He'd Brought Back A Souvenir From The Moon

    Tim Peake, was in the International Space Station. I think in terms of silly questions, we've peaked.

    While interviewing British astronaut Tim Peake, who was a crew member on the International Space Station last year, on ITV's This Morning, Amanda Holden asked a question that was on her mind.

    Tim Peake: "I wasn't on the moon, I was in the space station so..." #ThisMorning

    Here is the full moment.

    ITV / This Morning

    Fun fact: the last time anyone went to the Moon was December 1972.

    Needless to say Holden, standing in for regular presenter Holly Willoughby, recovered well.

    ITV / This Morning

    Update: Amanda's question about whether Tim Peake brought back anything from the moon was not included on the video on This Morning's YouTube channel.

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