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What TV Show Not In The English Language Do You Think Everyone Should Watch?

Thanks to the internet, it's now possible to get into many shows from around the world.

Thanks to Netflix, the internet, and A+ TV channels, it is becoming so much easier to discover and get sucked in by amazing shows that aren't in the English language.

What show do you love that isn't in the English language? Did you feel moved by Skam, the Norwegian teen drama that dropped scenes on the internet in real time?

Are you getting into Elite, a really intense thriller about an exclusive school in Spain, all centered around the death of a student in the very first episode?

Or how about Dark, a supernatural drama about the disappearance of two children that you should definitely not watch just before going to sleep?

Let us know what shows you love that are not in the English language, along with a tip about where you can watch them, and it might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!