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    This BBC News Newsreader Was Blissfully Honest During A News Report And Everyone Is Here For It

    God bless Simon McCoy and his impatience with surfing dogs.

    It's August – despite it being 2017, the news can be just a little bit thinner at this time of year. Still, that didn't stop BBC News' Simon McCoy showing his frustration while reading this news item about dog surfing:

    .@BBCSimonMcCoy providing all the enthusiasm this story about surfing dogs deserves.

    This took place on the BBC News Channel just before 4pm.

    And a lot of people are *here* for it.

    There is contempt for the trivialisation of news, and then there is this by the magnificent @BBCSimonMcCoy

    Give @BBCSimonMcCoy an award for professionalism under the toughest circumstances. What a hero.

    McCoy you total legend @BBCSimonMcCoy still can't breath 😂

    Just look at his face as he reads out the news.

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @ChrisGSGray

    Remember, this is the same Simon McCoy who came out with such sass when all of the world's media was waiting for the Duchess of Cambridge to give birth.

    BBC News / Via

    (His honesty was so damn refreshing.)

    BBC News / Via

    And this is the same Simon McCoy who once started a bulletin holding a whole packet of photocopier paper.

    BBC News / Via

    (No reason was given on air.)

    AND this is the same Simon McCoy who couldn't stop his shock when a BBC News breakdancing routine went wrong at the very end.


    God bless Simon McCoy.

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

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