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The Latest "Fifty Shades" Book Has Got The Most Ridiculous Passage About Raw Chicken And It's Batshit

"Put the chicken in the fridge."

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Many people then talked openly about how, in the midst of the passion and sexual energy in the room, food hygiene was of the highest priority.

@hugorifkind @jamesrbuk "Put the chicken in the fridge" is an odd request, but it's nice to know cleanliness standa…

@jamesrbuk Nothing is sexier than good food hygiene

@jamesrbuk @TheMichaelMoran @scottygb That chicken is raw, I hope she put it on the bottom shelf.

@scottygb I hope that chicken is on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator as per @US_FDA 👇🍗advice…

At the same time there was a debate about gas hobs.

@scottygb 'With a twist, I switch off the gas.' WITH A TWIST.

@scottygb Switching off the gas is good practice but putting the chicken in the fridge seems quite excessive.

Also, there was this.

@anitathetweeter who peels french beans?!

It led to this very good question on Twitter.

@scottygb Who the hell listens to songs on an iPad?

As for the rest of the book, there's a bit more plot in this one, but there's also a lot of this...

And then there's this very intense paragraph about having sex with ice cream as a sexual aid.

Oh holy shit Christian Grey is about to get sexy with some Ben and Jerry’s

IN CONCLUSION: This book has not turned me on, but at least it tackles the important issue of food hygiene.