15 Times Philomena Cunk Asked The Most Ridiculously Stupid Questions

    Diane Morgan's mockumentary series features ridiculously stupid interviews with some of Britain's most intelligent people. It is wonderful.

    1. Philomena Cunk (Diane Morgan) is a comedy character, known for starring in fake documentaries. She asks deadpan questions to experts like this crime expert.

    2. And this expert on Winston Churchill.

    3. When she knew the absolute right way to interview a philosophy professor.

    4. When she asked a Shakespeare expert about this.

    5. When she inspected one of the world's first computers, made in the Victorian era, and then asked this.

    6. And when she asked Dr John Martin, professor of cardiovascular medicine, about Bon Jovi.

    7. (Some of the interviewees know that she is in character, but TBH it doesn't make it any less funny.)

    8. And when she related the British Empire to Star Wars.

    9. When she asked this about the explorer Sir Walter Raleigh.

    10. When she asked this pressing question about horses.

    11. When she summed up what this history professor was saying so viewers would understand it.

    12. She then followed it up with this.

    13. And when she stumped ITV political editor Robert Peston on this question.

    14. When she made Samuel Pepys relevant again.

    15. And finally, when someone fucked up her script.