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    Posted on Jan 12, 2018

    Here's What Happened In Obama's First Television Interview Since Leaving Office

    Netflix's new chat show, My Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, is out today with an hour-long sit-down interview with former president Barack Obama.

    Here's some of the stuff we learned from the episode.

    1. Asked by David Letterman what it was like the morning after his presidency ended, Barack Obama said that he "slept in".

    Netflix / Worldwide Pants

    Admitting that he does not miss the "trappings of the office", he was asked whether he was relieved that his presidency was over.

    "I don't think relief is the right word," Obama responded. "I think there was a sense I had run the race, I had completed it, I was proud of the work we had done, and I was ready for the next stage."

    2. He joked that even if he could run for president again, he wouldn't because "Michelle would leave me."

    Netflix / Worldwide Pants

    Obama at first said: "If it wasn't for the Constitution, you'd have Michelle."

    The audience cheered and applauded, but then he interrupted: "No, you didn't understand me. I'm prevented from running again by the Constitution, but even if it were not for that amendment, Michelle would leave me.

    "I want her around!"

    3. He also talked about the visiting the British Virgin Islands with her: "I took Michelle on a holiday, because I missed my wife. We had not hung out, so we spent days and had a wonderful time."

    Obama just posed for the "I'm GREAT!" pic you'd petty post after a breakup.

    4. In a discussion about democracy, Obama warned that social media algorithms tend to reinforce your political views, a factor in why our political world is so divided.

    Netflix / Worldwide Pants

    He said that a challenge is people gravitate toward media that reinforces their political leanings: "If you watch Fox News you are living on a different planet than you are if you listen to NPR.

    "If you are getting all your information off algorithms being sent through a phone, it is just reinforcing whichever biases you have, a pattern that develops...

    "That's what is happening with these Facebook pages where more and more people are getting their news from. At a certain point you just live in a bubble and that is part of why our politics is so polarised right now."

    5. There was also talk of "dad dancing" and the one time he danced onstage with Prince.

    Pete Souza / Netflix

    "That was a fun night. This was probably three or four months before he died. Prince asked Sasha to come up and dance, and she's an excellent dancer and then Sasha pulls me up, which surprises me because she always mocks my dancing. I have dad moves."

    6. Obama also spoke about what he has learned from his parents and his memoir Dreams From My Father.

    Netflix / Worldwide Pants

    "It was only after I wrote it and even more profoundly after my mom [Ann Dunham] had passed away, I realised she is actually the guiding spirit in my life – the father was the absent one so I was chasing that and took this for granted."

    7. There was also a discussion about Selma, voting rights, and civil rights. He said: "The way America has become more perfect, not perfect but more perfect, typically has to do with ordinary people deciding 'you know, that's not right.'"

    Netflix / Worldwide Pants

    In the episode, David Letterman also met Congressman John Lewis on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.

    8. And finally, David Letterman's audience did not know that Obama was that episode's guest — so they all casually lost their shit when he first walked out.

    Worldwide Pants / Netflix

    You can watch My Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman on Netflix in all territories from today.

    The next episode, an interview with George Clooney, will debut next month.

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