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    That Hilarious Stuck Car Scene In "Master Of None" Actually Happened

    Turns out quite a few of the scenes in Master of None are based on real events.

    In Episode 2 of the new season of Master of None, Dev (Aziz Ansari) and his best mate Arnold (Eric Wareheim) get their car stuck in an alley in Italy.

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    In the show, Dev climbs out of the sunroof. Arnold then tries himself but is not as successful. And Dev thinks it would be hilarious to take a photo.

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    And Dev decides to then take a photo.

    Universal Television / Netflix

    Well, it actually happened. A year ago, Aziz was living in Modena following the first Master of None season. And Eric visited and they got their car stuck.

    Speaking at a ShortList TV Club event in London last week, Ansari said: "When we were driving round these little streets in Sicily, Eric was a little nervous, stressed out, and I saw this little alley and I was like, ‘I think we should be OK.'"

    Joanne Davidson / Joanne Davidson/SilverHub for Netflix

    They decided to take their car down the alley after a truck did it exactly before: "It was exactly like it is in the episode. This truck just went BEEP BEEP and just rips through and we were like, ‘We’ll make it,’ and we got stuck."

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    Ansari then Instagrammed Eric stuck in the car, just like in the episode, and he decided to make a scene in the show about it.

    "That picture became the bane of the production’s existence," Ansari said. "No matter what alley they would find for us to shoot that scene, I would be like, ‘It’s not as funny as the real one.'"

    A few more of the stories in Master of None are based on real life, like when Eric realises at his ex's wedding that the groom (Berek Hardley) looks just like him.

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    Anzari said: "I talked to [Eric] and I was like, ‘What was the longest relationship you had?’

    "He told me about this relationship that was pretty similar to the one we talk about in the episode, where it was a long relationship, he thought he was going to get married, and then they broke up and the woman said a similar thing about, like, him not being as physically attractive to [her], and [ended] up marrying a sort of guy who looked kind of similar to him."

    After being taunted by his Master of None costar Alessandra Mastronardi (who plays Francesca) while telling the anecdote, Ansari joked: “I put my own shit in there too!”

    And as for Berek, the shorter guy who looks just like Eric? He’s an actor that the writers noticed looked a lot like him.

    Ansari said: "People in the writers room were like, ‘There is a guy who does commercials and he’s trying to kind of play off Eric’s look!’ When we came up with this idea we were like, ‘Let’s just get the guy.' Then the guy just gets the call and we're like, ‘Hey, do you want to be flown out to Italy and do this one scene in Master of None?’"

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    "And he’s like, ‘OK!’"

    Master of None is available to watch on Netflix now.

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