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Camilla Is The Best Person On "Love Island" This Year

She's a goddamn wonderful character on a frankly ridiculous show.

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OK so I, like the rest of the us, have been getting into the wonderful and trashy and wonderful Love Island.

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Sure, the beautiful people on this show crush your self-esteem, but my god this show is glue. It's impossible to not be obsessed with it.


As the show has progressed, she’s really come out of her shell, especially during some of the games…#kissingcompetition #tonguetwister #putitonhim.

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Personally, I am not so keen on the #constanthashtags #whodoesthis #really.

And people were bloody bloody bloody loving it.

Literally me watching Camilla #LoveIsland

Because Camilla is full of surprises and does things we don’t expect her to do, throwing herself into practically everything.

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Like the twerking challenge, and the popping balloons with your bottom challenge (seriously, what is this show?)

But there's one thing that's been bugging me: She. Deserves. So. Much. Better. In. This. Damn. Show.


And who knew porridge could be so emotional?

Camilla: 'me and Harley had our porridge in the morning' Me: #loveisland


But then Jonny fucked it up royally during a discussion about who pays in a relationship. The whole thing sparked a debate on feminism.

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But it was great to also see her stand up for herself and for feminism.

Jonny: "You're a feminist aren't you?" Camilla: "Shouldn't we all be?" #LoveIsland

In conclusion...

Be a Camilla in a world of Ambers. ❀️ ❀️🌴 #LoveIsland @itv2 @LoveIsland