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James Corden Has Released A Protest Video Against Trump's Refugee Ban

"Freedom of movement should be this easy for all legal immigrants. Not just the white and Christian ones."

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At the start of last night's Late Late Show, viewers saw this video, which was filmed by James Corden.

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Usually there would be an opening monologue by Corden lasting several minutes, followed by the show's opening titles.


This message was then shown to viewers.

A publicist at CBS confirmed to BuzzFeed News that Corden did film the entire sequence on his mobile phone whilst travelling through LAX airport.

In terms of how the idea came about, the producers felt that they didn't want to be silent on the issue even though the show is supposed to be showing reruns.

Previously, Corden has been vocal about his opposition to Trump's ban, tweeting Mo Farah's statement on Sunday.

Incredible statement from @Mo_Farah