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ITV Just Basically Muted Most Of Kendrick Lamar's Brit Performance

First there was a technical problem. Then we didn't hear most of it.

Kendrick Lamar performed during the Brit Awards. It was absolute scenes. It started with a technical problem where we saw him lying on a box waiting for his song to start for an awkward amount of time.

ITV / Brits

It lasted for nearly a minute and it was so awkward.

What’s the point in having Kendrick Lamar perform on #BRITS if you’re going to mute him every other word?

In your own time Kendrick #BRITs #BRITs2018

Then ITV essentially muted quite a bit of his performance, even though it was past the 9pm watershed.

ITV / Brits

Many people were frustrated about it on Twitter.

‘Audio Muted’ has to be one of my fave Kendrick tunes #BRITs

Kendrick.... you alright mate? #BRITs #BRITs2018

WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS @BRITs Kendrick Lemar 😫😫😫😫😫 Absolutely awful

This hasn't been the first time a performance at the Brits has been muted. Last year, the chorus to Skepta's "Shutdown" was muted by ITV.

ITV / Brits

And in 2015, they muted a song by Kanye.

Kanye West live on stage performing "All Day" at #BRITs2015

ITV has been contacted for comment.

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