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23 Of The Goddamn Weirdest Things Said On "Naked Attraction"

"You are literally in buttock heaven right now." Yes, NSFW.

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There's this British dating show called Naked Attraction, where people decide who to date by seeing their genitals first, then everything else. It's intense.

Studio Lambert / Channel 4 / Via

It's just come back for a second series. And I've put OMG stickers on everything because you could be reading this while you're eating or doing your taxes.

The weird thing in this show is not just seeing genitals constantly (and trust me, there are a lot of genitals).

Studio Lambert / Channel 4 / Via

Oh, and watching this show in the office for six hours straight for work without accidentally getting HR involved was rather fun.

In fact here are some of the weirdest questions Richardson has asked the contestants on this show.

Naked Attraction continues on Channel 4 on Thursday at 10pm, and you can catch up on All 4.