This Show Where OAPs Go Clubbing With Their Grandchildren Must Be Stopped

    Spring Break With Grandad features lines like: "Aaron's got a really nice ass. Keep it up, baby. Let's see it."

    The most WTF show on British TV right now is this.

    Trust me on this. You've had operations that have been nicer than watching this television show.

    Here's a selection of weird things that have been said.

    "I found out what dry humping was."

    "I'm going to show how Grandpa does it."

    "I've had more hands grab me as an old person than I ever did when I was a kid."

    "I'm so shocked she has no control of her bladder."

    "It's nice to let it all hang out."

    "Spring break is fucking great."

    "I didn't think she was into kissing other girls."

    "If Ashleigh doesn't want him, I'll have him."

    "I'm not looking for too tall a girl, small build. Good tight ass on her. Pair of good tits."

    "Aaron's got a really nice ass. Keep it up, baby. Let's see it. You make me want to cream my jeans."

    "I've learnt so many new words here. I never knew what shagging was."

    "I look ridiculous trying to twerk. My ass doesn't jiggle enough."

    "I'm not going to show you my snatch."

    I want to die.

    Spring Break With Grandad is on MTV on Mondays at 10pm, or you can watch on Now TV/Sky+/Sky Q etc.

    Or not.