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    17 Times Graham Norton Perfectly Roasted The Hell Out Of People

    "What's your name?" "Nina." "Like an ambulance. Very good."

    1. When Graham Norton convinced Emma Stone that she was about to meet the Spice Girls.

    2. When he made this point about the lack of diversity during the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

    3. And when he roasted this dress worn by a presenter in Croatia.

    4. When Norway performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 and Graham tried to decipher their lyrics.

    5. And when Germany announced their points.

    6. When he was interviewed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and was asked about his opinions on Trump:

    7. And then he followed it up with this on his show.

    8. When Benedict Cumberbatch was a guest and Graham brought up the documentary where Cumberbatch accidentally says "pengwings" instead of "penguins".

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    And then Graham followed it up with this statement.

    9. When a guest on the red chair decided to recreate the scene from Love Actually for Keira Knightley, who was a guest on that week's show.

    10. When Graham played the Google autocomplete game with Robert Downey Jr. and then decided to play the game with Ed Byrne too.

    11. And when a member of the public had this to say.

    12. When someone was telling a story about a giraffe.

    13. When he ripped into this person's name.

    14. And when he made this comment to viewers who might get offended when Lithuania performed in 2015.

    15. At the end of an underwhelming performance by Hungary at Eurovision 2015, when we saw a glimpse of the next performer from Georgia.

    16. When Cezar performed at Eurovision 2013.

    17. And when Graham called out Dame Judi Dench.