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People Are Losing It After This Incredibly Awkward Interview With A Reality Star Was Published In Its Entirety

"We're meant to be doing an interview on the book, but you haven't got the book in front of you, so you don't know what it's about."

Gemma Collins. British reality star. Modern icon.


Also famous for falling down a hole during the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.

Radio 1

Well, an interview with Collins in celebrity weekly magazine Now has gone viral because it descends into a hot mess. Why? Collins is not pleased that the interviewer has not read her upcoming book and this disagreement lasts. For. The. Entire. Interview.

I salute you @nowmag - you’re killing it 😂

However, the interviewer, Hayley Minn, claims she wasn't sent a preview copy of the book ahead of the interview – something she outlines at the start of the article.

Twitter: @celebsnow

She wrote: "Despite the fact that we haven't been sent a copy of the book (which hasn't yet been released), Gemma isn't impressed to learn we haven't read it."

Which leads to this incredibly awkward exchange between the pair, with Collins' PR eventually chipping in.

Now Magazine

The interview then gets back on track for a couple of questions, only for the book to come up again, and the whole thing comes off the rails.

Now Magazine

It is really quite an interview.

Now Magazine

And then the entire interview ends with this.

Now Magazine

Many people are praising Now magazine and the writer of the piece for deciding to publish the entire interview.

"And she can't seem to grasp the concept that it's a book supposedly about her, written by her, meaning she should be able to talk for hours about it" Bloody hell, Now Magazine just singed my eyebrows off https://t.co/ddrS1gn8ML

This interview is a true thing of journalistic beauty. Hearty congrats to @nowmag for absolutely nailing @missgemcollins with this wonderfully wicked piece. Enjoy. https://t.co/bKP4NSolDg

How do I nominate @hayleyminn for some kind of Pulitzer https://t.co/QxdCpsswFX

Others think that the interview shouldn't have gone ahead in the first place since the interviewer hadn't received a preview copy of the book Collins was promoting.

@sarahjphughes She states very clearly it's about living your best life though, Sarah... No fair point. I just would have refused the interview if I was denied the book, personally. Funny, though.

Many, many other people are appreciating just how bizarre and unique the entire interview exchange is.

Gold! An interview about a book that neither the interviewer nor the author have actually read. https://t.co/eyY4vpYZdJ

You can read the entire interview on the Now magazine website.

Representatives for Gemma Collins did not respond to a request for comment, but she did tweet this.

As well as this.

Meanwhile, Mann told BuzzFeed News that she has been on holiday since filing the interview, but as she understands she has not yet received a copy of the book.

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