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    16 Times @GaryLineker Was One Of The Sassiest People On Twitter

    J.K. Rowling isn't the only wonderfully sassy celebrity on Twitter.

    1. When someone wasn't happy at him being honest about his political views.

    2. This has happened a few times now.

    3. When someone tried a Walkers crisps joke.

    4. Sometimes he gets straight to the point.

    5. When a tweeter said sportsmen and women are dumb and Lineker came back with this.

    6. When David Cameron resigned as an MP.

    7. And when Zayn left One Direction.

    8. When the tabloids had a go at him after he made comments attacking the treatment of young refugees.

    9. He can spin criticisms into compliments.

    In @TheSun I've been accused of having morals, fighting for social justice and being alright at my job. Thank you.

    10. When he went after K**** H******.

    11. And P**** M*****.

    12. And Trump.

    13. He really doesn't like Trump.

    14. And then said this when Trump was falsely boasting about his inauguration viewing figures.

    15. And of course, who could forget this.

    Which then led to this...

    16. He really does have the best Twitter.