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Your New Favourite Character Appeared On “Games Of Thrones” Again For Just Two Seconds

And she totally nailed it. Spoilers for the latest episode, obviously.

In the latest Game of Thrones there was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance of Lyanna Mormont.

This is just a couple of weeks after the 10-year-old leader of Bear Island was sassy to Jon Snow, Sansa, and Davos.

Despite only being on ​the latest episode for a second, everyone noticed.


The best part of tonight's GoT episode was the 5 seconds of Lyanna Mormont scowling like a murderer crossed with a cabbage patch doll

Lyanna Mormont might just be the sassiest 10 year old there is🤔💭

She was onscreen for a single shot.

Had a single shot. Nailed it #GameofThrones

And it became a meme.


All is set now for Lyanna Mormont to become Queen of the North

I need to work on my Lyanna Mormont death stare. #GameofThrones

Feel free to use this image to your heart's content.

All Mondays, perfectly illustrated by Lyanna Mormont. #GameofThrones