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    Oct 24, 2016

    Every Wonderful WTF Moment Of Ed Balls Dancing On "Strictly"

    Television in 2016 is weird.

    No need to turn the sound on. Just enjoy the Vines.

    1. When you feel confident arriving at a party because you've had more than a couple of drinks. / Via Twitter: @scottygb and BBC / Strictly

    2. When you are hoovering like mad because you know that your mum is round in five minutes.

    BBC / Strictly / Via

    3. When you're trying to hold someone who is drunk but you're absolutely pissed yourself. / Via Twitter: @scottygb and BBC / Strictly

    4. When a dragon is trying to chat up your crush and you interrupt as you find it unacceptable.

    5. When you're washing a large window after and you're getting a really, really good tip. / Via Twitter: @theJeremyVine

    6. When your washing machine is on its final spin. / Via BBC / Strictly

    7. 7. Oh god I literally have no idea. This is legitimately does not relate to anything in the human experience.

    8. When you're stretching in a nightclub.

    BBC / Strictly / Via

    9. Nope. No idea.

    10. And when you're a Labour politician and you decide to take part in a dancing competition on TV. / Via Twitter: @TimGatt

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