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Every Wonderful WTF Moment Of Ed Balls Dancing On "Strictly"

Television in 2016 is weird.

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1. When you feel confident arriving at a party because you've had more than a couple of drinks. / Via Twitter: @scottygb and BBC / Strictly

2. When you are hoovering like mad because you know that your mum is round in five minutes.

BBC / Strictly / Via

3. When you're trying to hold someone who is drunk but you're absolutely pissed yourself. / Via Twitter: @scottygb and BBC / Strictly

4. When a dragon is trying to chat up your crush and you interrupt as you find it unacceptable.

5. When you're washing a large window after and you're getting a really, really good tip. / Via Twitter: @theJeremyVine

6. When your washing machine is on its final spin. / Via BBC / Strictly

7. 7. Oh god I literally have no idea. This is legitimately does not relate to anything in the human experience.

8. When you're stretching in a nightclub.

BBC / Strictly / Via

9. Nope. No idea.

10. And when you're a Labour politician and you decide to take part in a dancing competition on TV. / Via Twitter: @TimGatt