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    An Error Has Resulted In Us Seeing A Hand Holding A Rat's Tail In "EastEnders"

    At least your job isn't holding rat's tails for a living.

    So EastEnders have been doing the world's most insanely dull storyline about bin collections recently.

    BBC Studios / BBC / Via

    Well, last night a HUGE DEVELOPMENT happened. The infrequent bin collection has resulted in rats.

    BBC Studios / BBC


    Not just rats, but "super-size rats."

    BBC Studios / BBC

    Directly before this conversation, we all saw Honey Mitchell dramatically shooing a rat out of her shop.

    BBC Studios / BBC

    Only for this to then happen.

    BBC Studios / BBC


    BBC Studios / BBC

    Here is the moment slowed down.

    BBC Studios / BBC

    It was literally on screen for 0.000004 seconds but thanks to the rewind button, many people saw it.

    Great work by #EastEnders hand and rat!

    Is that Babe planting rats in the shop @bbceastenders ?! 😱Wouldn't be surprised! 🐭🐭 #Rat #EastEnders

    This storyline is fascinating.

    YES. Eastenders has moved on from bin chat to rat chat! Can't wait to see how this unfolds...

    More updates as they develop.

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