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    17 Fucking Infuriating Things That Happened In "Love Actually"

    Yes, we know it's just a film.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which Love Actually moments annoy them the most. Here are the infuriating results.

    1. Why did Karl (Rodrigo Santoro) and Sarah (Laura Linney) never go on a second date or anything after hooking up following their work Christmas party?

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    "Karl just LEFT?? And they never went on another date? What a horrible person."

    —Rebecca Gibson, Facebook

    "I think she absolutely did the right thing, but I so badly wanted that small bit of happiness for her with her work crush."

    —Carly Hawkes, Facebook

    2. Why did Juliet (Keira Knightley) kiss Mark (Andrew Lincoln), only days after she found out that he was creepily filming her close up at her wedding?

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    "What does she think kissing him will achieve? It's not going to stop him loving you!"


    "Why? Why? Why? You know that will just encourage him."


    3. If Jamie (Colin Firth) drove Aurélia (Lúcia Moniz) home before Christmas, why did he randomly drop her off at the side of the road next to a long metal fence?

    Universal Pictures / Working Title

    "He couldn't be bothered to drive her all the way??"


    4. How did Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) manage to learn the drums and then perform to a whole school in LITERALLY two weeks?

    Universal Pictures / Working Title

    "He's suddenly part of the school band!"


    5. Oh, and why were Judy (Joanna Page) and John (Martin Freeman) at the Christmas Eve performance?! It was never actually explained.

    Universal Pictures / Working Title


    6. And why were they wearing the same clothes from days earlier when they kissed for the first time outside her house?

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    "Jack walks Judy home and they kiss. Then they are at the Christmas Eve school play together, they are in the same clothes! It's in the wrong order!"


    7. Why is Natalie (Martine McCutcheon) referred to as the chubby girl, when she is not chubby at all?!

    Universal Pictures / Working Title

    8. Why did David (Hugh Grant) have no idea where she lived when he went out to look for her?

    Universal Pictures / Working Title

    "She's an ex-employee so he would definitely have her address on file."


    9. And then when he eventually got to her house, why did Natalie's dad also call her "plumpy"?

    Universal Pictures / Working Title

    —Andrew Doyle, Facebook

    10. And why did Natalie apologise to David when it was the president of the United States (Billy Bob Thornton) who actually kissed her, without her consent?

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    "Why the hell did Natalie apologise to the prime minister? She did NOTHING wrong! Pres. Billy Bob made the moves on HER."


    "I've been really wound up on the fact that Natalie had to transfer jobs over the embarrassment of getting caught when the president of the US sexually harassed her at work."


    11. When Jamie went to propose to Aurélia, how did he know where she lived when they couldn't speak the same language?

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    "How can she be their best waitress if she's been in France for at least the last two months? And how did he know what town she was from, let alone her address?"


    12. And why is everyone so horrible to Aurélia's sister?

    Universal Pictures / Working Title


    13. Why was Sam so easily able to run through all Heathrow airport security and wasn't interrogated or arrested afterwards? Why is security at that airport so, so bad?!

    Universal Pictures / Working Title

    14. And how on earth did Joanna manage to come all the way back to kiss Sam when her flight was on a "FINAL CALL" minutes earlier?!

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    "Her family just let her go to the other side of the airport alone? Did Joanna have to run allllllll the way back to her gate again? Did they miss their flight?"


    15. Why on earth does Colin decide to use a typewriter outdoors and have only one copy of his book?

    Universal Pictures / Working Title

    "Is the first draft always the best draft?"

    Scott Bryan

    16. Why does Harry's (Alan Rickman) and Karen's (Emma Thompson) relationship not have a definitive ending?

    Universal Pictures / Working Title

    "What happened with his mistress! Did he still see her? Did he realise that no one's better than Emma Thompson? Who knows?!"


    (Hint: Emma Freud, the script editor for Love Actually, has since tweeted that they "stay together but home isn't as happy as it once was".)

    17. And why was every character BUT Sarah at the airport scene at the very end of the film?

    Universal Pictures / Working Title

    "Every other character was there at the airport at the end…except Sarah. Her story should have finished in the airport too. Happily or otherwise."


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    Red Nose Day Actually, a 10-minute follow-up to Love Actually, will air on during Red Nose Day USA on NBC on 25 May 2017.

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