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BBC Three Is Having To Tell People That It Still Exists

If you think you're having a hard day today at work, please feel for the BBC Three social media team on the launch of its online service.

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A whole selection of new shows were launched on Tuesday and you don't need to worry about missing them. Cuckoo for example, a sitcom starring Taylor Lautner, is available to watch online for the next five months.

Over and over.

@JoshuaLFleet Not to worry, we're still going to be online. You can check out some of our comedy right now in fact!


And over again.

@Ryan_Laird_98 Keep up, love! We're moving online, not dead!

@dbt_91 We're still here Dave! Give our new home a spin: *ding*

@kashstewart_ we're not dead, just online!

Of course there are some people who believe that it practically is dead because of the online only move.


But the channel's Twitter account was getting pretty sassy about that too.

@covartist Or an exciting step in the inevitable direction of online 24/7 entertainment 😉

You've just got to admire these pictures.

@jamieoffshore We're not dead Jamie, we're alive and well online! 👋

They have captions for pretty much anything.

@sir_cornflake It'll all be ok Chris. #FamilyGuy is moving to @itv2 and we'll still have loads of new shows for you

Literally everything.

@liam_putman You can watch BBC One, Two and Four at night 😝 Or watch our programmes on iPlayer to relax!

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