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9 Contestants Who Really Couldn't Handle The New "Crystal Maze"

The real joy of the show is when they hopelessly fail, isn't it?

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The Crystal Maze is a British programme where people tackle challenges against the clock to win crystals, while you at home hopelessly scream at the television.

Channel 4 / Fizz and RDF West

And just like the original series, which was launched in 1990, there have been notable hopeless attempts by some of the contestants on the revamped version. For example:


2. When Tamara Wall from Hollyoaks had to touch buttons on each side of the rotating circles to release the crystal, but she couldn't move off the first rotating circle.

Channel 4 / Fizz and RDF West / Via

She tried to go on the next spinner and fell back on to the first.


5. When this contestant didn't realise that for this maze, where you had to solve sums to open the doors, you needed to remember the code for the way out and the way in.

The challenger didn't realise this rule, blasted all the way through all the doors, forgot all the numbers he was supposed to remember, and got trapped.

7. When a game where you absolutely must not drop more than three balls on the floor resulted in the challenger dropping more than three balls in just 20 seconds.


8. Still, could be worse, like when British actor Adil Ray in that same challenge let go of the rope by accident and all of the balls fell to the floor at the same time.