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We Finally Know What Happened To Sarah In "Love Actually" And It Isn't Terrible

Red Nose Day Actually, which finally screened in the US last night, featured a new scene starring Sarah (Laura Linney). This post contains spoilers.

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SPOILERS below: If you are based in the US and you haven't watched Red Nose Day Actually yet you can watch (and donate) by going to this Facebook page (US only).


In case you think they got together afterwards, Emma Freud, the script editor for Love Actually, revealed that they didn't in a series of tweets in 2015.

@debbiejoanne20 @RadioTimes nope. doomed.



A previously unseen story about Sarah is featured in the US version of the new film.

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This was because, according to Entertainment Weekly, she wasn't available for the filming of the UK version. They filmed her story last month.


The follow-up was filmed to raise money for Red Nose Day. To donate, head to the Red Nose Day website.

If you haven't seen it, you can watch here (US only).