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    We Finally Know What Happened To Sarah In "Love Actually" And It Isn't Terrible

    Red Nose Day Actually, which finally screened in the US last night, featured a new scene starring Sarah (Laura Linney). This post contains spoilers.

    SPOILERS below: If you are based in the US and you haven't watched Red Nose Day Actually yet you can watch (and donate) by going to this Facebook page (US only).

    One of the most devastating storylines in the original Love Actually film involved Sarah (Laura Linney)...

    ...and her doomed crush on Karl (Rodrigo Santoro).

    Which took place while she was caring for her brother Michael (Michael Fitzgerald), who would ring her constantly throughout the day.

    In the original film Sarah got with Karl at the end of the work Christmas party, which made you think they would have a happy ending (like every goddamn film like this ever).

    But she was interrupted by a phone call from Michael.

    And then she got another phone call from him, which she also answered, and she and Karl stopped making out for good.

    And the last we saw of them in the entire film was this deeply sad exchange in the office.

    And you blamed Karl because it wasn't her goddamn fault.


    In case you think they got together afterwards, Emma Freud, the script editor for Love Actually, revealed that they didn't in a series of tweets in 2015.

    @debbiejoanne20 @RadioTimes nope. doomed.


    Anyway, last night in the US they screened Red Nose Day Actually, a short follow-up to Love Actually.

    A previously unseen story about Sarah is featured in the US version of the new film.

    The new scene starts with Sarah (Laura Linney) typing late at night in an office – some things never change.

    And a colleague is looking at her like, "Oh for god's sake, you've worked late every single night for the last 13 years, give yourself a night off for fuck's sake, Sarah."

    She then gets a phone call, with the same ringtone as before, which makes you think it is her brother.

    But the person on the other line is not her brother. No. It is in fact PATRICK DEMPSEY, FOR SOME REASON.

    And she responds with this:

    He jokes to Sarah that every time he rings her she always answers, then he says she is a nice wife and she responds with this:


    We don't find out what happened to her brother (which is a bit frustrating), but at least we know that the most devastating storyline now has a goddamn OK ending.

    The follow-up was filmed to raise money for Red Nose Day. To donate, head to the Red Nose Day website.

    If you haven't seen it, you can watch here (US only).