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    Just 17 Exceptionally Sassy Lines From April In "Parks And Recreation"

    "Are you still a nurse or did they fire you for sleeping with all the doctors?"

    1. When Donna made a discovery on Facebook.

    2. When Jerry got mugged whilst walking his dog.

    3. When Andy was trying to sell a double album.

    4. When Andy and April had a big falling out.

    5. When April asked to be Ron's assistant.

    6. When April decided to be sassy through texting.

    7. When Donna dropped the mail in Jerry's soup.

    8. When April and Andy decided to hold a dinner party and April was giving out the invitations.

    9. When Leslie was practicing for her big speech.

    10. When April was really nice to Ann.

    11. When April was really, really, really nice to Ann.

    12. When April came up with a super cool idea.

    13. When Andy was ill and needed medical attention.

    14. When Ann tried to be friends with April.

    15. When Ann asked April to housesit for her.

    16. When April is sick and Ann had to look after her.

    17. And when Ann got a job at the Parks Department.