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    And you know what? They absolutely nailed it.

    We also got them to jump out of a giant Chinese takeaway box in a room smelling of fast food.

    Ant & Dec are not an act. They are real. I know that might seem a bit weird thing to say at the start of an article, but there are countless times you might come across an actor, presenter or singer who has a different personality entirely when they are performing. Ant & Dec are the same. The goddamn same. And they are glorious.

    As they're friends as much off-screen as on-screen, and with Saturday Night Takeaway back this week, we made them take the BFF test. And my god it was great.

    You can watch them take the test here:

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: video.php

    Here's all of their answers:

    1. What was the first thing you first thought when you met each other?

    Ant's answer: He's small for his age. / Dec: God, he looks really miserable.

    Dec: He did look miserable. It's funny cos it's true.

    2. Who is the better drunk?

    [Ant took ages to write out his answer.]

    Dec: What are you writing there? The Bible?!

    [They reveal their answers.]

    Ant: It's true. Two different drunks. Beer and wine.

    3. If Dec was an animal, what animal would he be?

    Ant's answer: Rabbit. / Dec's answer: Tiger (ROAR!)

    Dec: A rabbit?

    Ant: They're small and cute, no?

    [Dec looks a bit heartbroken.]

    Ant: They love sex. At it like rabbits.

    [They laugh.]

    4. If Ant was an animal, what animal would he be?

    Ant: Easy, it's a stallion.

    [Dec reveals his answer.]

    Ant: A squirrel?

    Dec: I saw you writing an 'S' so I thought of trying to get the same one.

    Ant: Idiot.

    5. What is Ant's secret talent?

    Ant's answer: whistling / Dec's answer: whistling

    6. What is Dec's secret talent?

    Ant's answer: Irish dancing / Dec's answer: Painting landscapes.

    Dec: That is true. I'm not very good at that all.

    7. Who is the messiest out of both of you?

    [Ant writes out his answer in two seconds, then Dec reveals his answer.]

    Ant: You could have just written: "ME."

    [Ant then tries to write 'this guy' upside down but then it looks like a penis.]

    8. What is each other's guilty pleasure?

    Ant: Boring political shows / Dec: Minstrels

    Dec: I do like Question Time.

    Ant: To be fair. It's no secret. It's no secret.

    9. In a movie biography of their lives, who would play Dec?

    Dec: So it would be, Eddie Redmayne.

    Ant: It could be. It could Eddie Redmayne. Or... Ronnie Corbett.

    10. In a movie biography of their lives, who would play Ant?

    [Ant is writing out his answer]

    Ant: What is that male model called?

    Dec: David Gandy.

    Ant: Do you spell it with an I or a Y?

    Dec: Y.

    [Ant reveals his card.]

    Ant: Obviously folks. David Gandy. He's an actor now. He was a model, but he's acting.

    Dec: Or............................... you could call Danny De Vito.

    Dec keeps saying the word 'OR' over and over again whilst Ant defends Gandy.

    Ant: "So the story of the Ant & Dec life, realistically would be Ronnie Corbett and Danny De Vito. I'D WATCH."

    You heard it here first.

    Saturday Night Takeaway returns on ITV at 7pm on Saturday 25 February 2017.